Local Hiking Trails near Blowing Rock


Hiking is great for friends or families.  It is best not to hike alone.  Be sure to wear proper shoes and clothing for trail walking.  Always be respectful of the invironment and not leave trash or a fire.  Also do not try to pet the wildlife, sometimes they will bite.  It is a good idea to carry a bell or keys  that makes noise when hiking to let the wildlife know your are there.  Some animals may attack if startled.  Please do not remove any plants or baby animals from the parkway.  If you see some kind of a problem, be sure to let the park rangers know.

Listed below are a few favorite trails in the area.  There are many more.  A list can be found on www.blueridgeparkway.org

1-  Glen Burney Trail  –    History is the trail was a indian trail.  This trail skirts the cascading New Years Creek in Blowing Rock.  The trail was said to be used by hunters and loggers.  This trail is 1.5 miles and decends 800ft below Blowing Rock to two water falls named the Glen Burney and the Glen Mary.  Start this trail in downtown Blowing Rock by Annie Cannon Park.  Easy to Moderate

2-  Moses Cone Park Carriage Trails –  This trail is located on the Moses Cone Estate on the Blue Ridge Parkway just outside of Blowing Rock.  There are 25 miles of carriage trails.  The Upper Carriage Trail visits Cone Cemetary and Flat Top Fire Tower with grand views of the mountians and opens up to a mountain meadow.  Lower Carriage Trail takes you down to Bass Lake.  Located on the Blue Ridge Parkway on milepost 294.   Easy to Moderate.

3-  Boone Fork Trail –    This trail starts in Price Park Picnic area on the Blue Ridge Parkway, mile post 296.5 just out Blowing Rock.  The trail loops through woods, fields, and cascading river.  Moderate to Strennous.

4-  Price Lake Trail –  This trail starts at Price lake on the Blue Ridge Parkway mile post 297.  The trail starts in the parking area and loops around the lake for 2.7 miles.  It is a favorite trail for little children.  You will see lots of widlife, walk around the lake and it is a easy walk.

5-  Bass Lake Trail –  This trail is .2 mile from main street Blowing Rock just off HWY 221.  You will see stone pillar and a gravel drive to the right on HWY 221.  This trail goes around the lake with a wide gravel path.  Good trail for small children or elderly.  The trail is 1.7 mile around.  Easy.

6-  Trout Lake Trail –  This trail is on Shulls Mill Road just off Hwy 221, same exit with Blue Ridge Parkway, but go under the Parkway instead of getting on.  The trail is just around a couple curves on Shulls Mill Rd.  This trail goes around Trout lake at 1 mile.         Easy