Going Green

Listed below are a few of the ways that the Hemlock Inn is Going Green:

In 2020 Hemlock Inn installed environmentally friendly roofing system. This roof system was developed by

CeDur out of Denver Co. The system is made out of 100% plastic with life span 70 years.

The weed killer we use in the garden is environmental friendly which consists of salt, vinegar, and liquid detergent. No animals birds or guest are harmed.

We have 3 recycling containers located outside our ice room which guest are encouraged to recycle glass, plastic and aluminum cans.

All toilets have been replaced with flow toilets which help conserve water usage.

We replace all bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs to conserve energy.

We replace all bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs to conserve energy.

We have two 80 gallon rain barrel that we have used since 1998 to catch rain water to water the hanging baskets and planters on the property.

We use an electric lawn mower for our lawn which means no gas resulting in fewer carbon emissions.

We use eco coffee cups that are made of recycled paper which replace the styrofoam cups for low environmental impact.

Our driveway gravel to prevent less water drainage going down the street and waste, most of the water is absorbed.

The toilet paper and paper towels are made from a company called North River. This company uses solar power for production.

Hemlock Inn now has Tesla and Universal Charging Stations.

The Hemlock Inn has been lovingly owned and operated by the Summers family since 1994.