COVID-19 Procedures


  • Contactless room service is available during your stay. No housekeepers will enter the rooms during your stay.

“Enhanced Cleaning Measures:”

  • We use a HEPA air purifier is now in every room.  These are on for every cleaning.
  • We use three different types of cleaning solutions on our room.
    • We clean with Clorox or peroxide cleaners in the bathrooms.
    • We use a de-sanitizer for all touch surfaces in the room.
    • The room is sprayed with a sterilizer as the housekeepers leave the room and the next person in the room is the guest.
  • All linens on the bed are washed at 140 degrees or hotter.
  • Hemlock Inn follows industry sanitization guidelines of safety by AHLA.
  • Hemlock Inn is NC Safe per NC guidelines.

Safety Measures:

  • Personal equipment is worn by staff
  • Hand sanitizers are provided for staff and guests.

We at Hemlock Inn are working hard during this time to keep our staff and guests safe.

All management and staff have been vaccinated for Covid 19.

Thank you from staff and management from Hemlock Inn.

The Hemlock Inn has been lovingly owned and operated by the Summers family since 1994.